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Virgin Mary Pistol Grip brings together a group of talented musicians who share a passion for crafting raw, emotional rock music that speaks to the heart. From blistering guitar riffs to pounding drums and catchy hooks, their sound is an explosive blend of 90’s rock influences and modern sensibilities. Poignant and heartfelt lyrics touch on ever-present issues such as suicide and drunk driving, to the complexities of love.

What really sets Virgin Mary Pistol Grip apart is their captivating stage presence. With his enigmatic demeanor, front man Jales Hupke commands attention from the moment he steps on stage. He pours his heart and soul into every performance, captivating audiences with his electrifying energy and emotional intensity, encouraging interaction, sing alongs, and even a few rapid-fire jam session Polaroid photo shoots.

Virgin Mary Pistol Grip most recently finished recording the soon to be released full length album, Where Time Went (2023), with producer Bob Marlette in Los Angeles. VMPG is poised to make a big splash in the music world. If you’re looking for a band that’s unapologetically passionate, fiercely independent, and unafraid to be themselves, then look no further than Virgin Mary Pistol Grip!

Virgin Mary Pistol Grip started their career with a bang. The band released their first full-length, self titled album at their debut performance – ensuring the audience could leave with a physical copy of the music they had just heard (2013). Continuous self-promoting led the band to collaborate with Los Angeles producer, Bob Marlette, on their follow up EP, Secret Codes (2017). Secret Codes was recorded at Omaha’s Make Believe Studios and at Blue Room Studios in Los Angeles. VMPG has received praise and accolades, including a ‘New Artist of the Year’ nomination from the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards (2015), winner of the 2018 Focus Omaha Gen-X Band Battle, and music videos selected to play during the Memorial Park Concert (2021, 2022, & 2023). Virgin Mary Pistol Grip has been included on REVERB’s Summer Hits Spotify playlist and featured on 89.7 The River’s weekly radio show.

Off stage, the band members are just as dedicated to their craft. They spend countless hours honing their sound, experimenting with new ideas, and perfecting their performances. But despite their drive and ambition, they never lose sight of the importance of connection – with each other, with their fans, and with the world around them. The band has donated their time and talent in support of the Mid America Chapter of the National MS Society, non-profit food drives and benefit shows. VMPG has also started a mental health and suicide awareness campaign called Blue Fingernails – a trademark of the lead singer’s left hand.


Jales Hupke
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  • 2023 | Omaha’s Memorial Park Concert | Featured Band Video
  • 2023 | Record Store Day Featured Artist (Recycled Sounds)
  • 2022 | Omaha’s Memorial Park Concert | Featured Band Video
  • 2022 | Record Store Day Featured Artist (Recycled Sounds)
  • 2021 | Omaha’s Memorial Park Concert | Featured Band Video
  • 2021 | Record Store Day Featured Artist (Recycled Sounds)
  • 2019 | REVERB’s Spotify Summer Hit’s Playlist
  • 2018 | Record Store Day Featured Artist (Recycled Sounds)
  • 2018 | Focus Omaha | Gen-X Battle of the Bands Winner
  • 2017 | Record Store Day  Featured Artist (Recycled Sounds)
  • 2016 | Omaha Word Herald | Band of the Week
  • 2016 | 89.7 FM The River | Featured Band
  • 2016 | OEAA New Artist of the Year nominee
  • 2016 | Benson Days Featured Band
  • 2016 | Junkstock Featured Band
  • 2015 | Omaha Film Festival | Featured Artist
  • 2015 | OEAA Showcase Participant
  • 2015 | Record Store Day  Featured Artist (Recycled Sounds)
  • 2015 | OEAA Showcase Participant


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“The standout song is “Whiskey Flats,” a strummy tune with a bit of a country flair that sounds like the Eagles cranking up the distortion, with singer/guitarist Jales Hupke’s voice being a near-perfect reflection of The Samples’ Sean Kelly.” ~ Kevin Coffey, OWH

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